Symptoms of Electrical System Damage

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I smell something burning and see sparks. Is this my electrical system?

Symptoms of Electrical System Damage

If your Westinghouse circuit breakers or other types are somehow damaged by flood waters, or if your electrical system is damaged, you will notice symptoms which require immediate shutdown of your mains until the problem can be addressed. A circuit breaker which does not trip properly will allow an overload in your system to create excessive heat and other potential problems.

When the power is restored after a floor or other structural damage to a home or apartment, do you notice a burning smell? If you can't locate a fire or open flame, that smell could indicate your wiring is overheating, melting or burning. A properly functioning Westinghouse circuit breaker will trip before this happens, but when you have building damage, it's possible your breakers may also be affected. Do you notice sparking or hear a sizzling sound? These are also indications you should shut off your Westinghouse breakers and contact a qualified electrician.



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