What Happens to Re-Certified Circuit Breakers?

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What happens to re-certified or re-conditioned circuit breakers?

What Happens to Re-Certified Circuit Breakers?

Power circuit breakers which go through the re-conditioning process require several areas of attention before they can be declared fit for use. If you are interested in saving money on electrical supplies, re-conditioning may be an option for a wide range of medium and low-voltage electrical products. When a product is re-conditioned, it should be completely disassembled and inspected. Damaged, faulty or worn parts are replaced with items in working order.

All parts should be cleaned, replated or otherwise put back to like-new condition. The item is reassembled to its "ready for use" form. At this stage, the re-conditioned part is calibrated and tested to make sure it is ready to be returned to the owner. This is one of the most important phases of the process. Without calibration and testing, there is no way to determine whether a power circuit breaker or any other piece of re-conditioned equipment will serve the owner properly. Once the item is returned to you, it is certified for continued use and should feature a warranty.



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