Buying Re-Certified Circuit Breakers

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Should I buy re-certified power circuit breakers?

Buying Re-Certified Circuit Breakers

Reusing electrical supplies or purchasing re-conditioned circuit breakers is an excellent way to save money, but you should do a little homework before purchasing a reconditioned power circuit breaker or other electrical products. Does the company doing the re-conditioning or re-certification of your power circuit breakers have a good reputation? Is it owned by a legitimate company? Some vendors employ smaller companies to do their reconditioning work for them; a legitimate company will have high standards in both workmanship and safety design.

Never purchase a reconditioned power circuit breaker from a company that you can't research properly. A reconditioning shop owned by a respected company is more likely to set (and enforce) high standards. A legitimate company has nothing to hide and there are good reconditioned power circuit breakers on the market; the work is only as good as the company which puts those items on the market.



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