What Should I Do If I Purchased Counterfeit Electrical Supplies?

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What should I do if I have counterfeit electrical supplies?

What Should I Do If I Purchased Counterfeit Electrical Supplies?

If you suspect you have purchased counterfeit electrical supplies such as power circuit breakers or other products, the first thing you should do is discontinue their use immediately. Uninstall them if you have already put them into use and put them aside. Contact the customer service department of the manufacturer those power circuit breakers were made to emulate and report the counterfeits. Describe the make and model they most closely resemble, where you purchased them and how long you have had them.

You should also report the counterfeit power circuit breakers or other products to the FBI to see if your purchases are connected with an ongoing investigation. Be sure to have all receipts, vendor addresses and other relevant information available. It's important not to assume you have been ripped off by a local vendor. If you purchased the products from a legitimate dealer, chances are the dealer was fooled by the counterfeits as well. Leave the detective work to the authorities, but be sure to report the origins of your counterfeits as far as you know them.



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