What is a Fuse Holder?

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What is a fuse holder?

What is a Fuse Holder?

A fuse holder is a clip or receptacle designed to contain the fuse and make it easy to replace. One of the most common types of fuse holder is found in guitar amplifiers. These are found either at the rear of the amplifier or within the cabinet. If a fuse is blown during a rehearsal or performance, it is simple to replace the fuse quickly with little downtime, as long as the amplifier is completely unplugged before the fuse is replaced.

Fuse holders are often designed to eliminate the need for special tools. A fuse that is simple to remove or easy to install means shorter downtime and safer replacement. No matter what kind of fuse or fuse holders are used, it is very important to insure there is no current to the circuit before attempting a replacement. In addition to the usual electrical hazards before and during installation including accidental contact with live wires or terminals, once the fuse is in place, the user should not be in contact with the fuse itself when it is exposed to current.



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