What is an Electric Switchboard?

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What is an electric switchboard?

What is an Electric Switchboard?

An electric switchboard is a series of panels used to send electricity from one source to another. Whether the primary source of power is the electric company, a series of generators or other power supplies, the amount of power sent out by the electric switchboard must be the same as the incoming power supply. Just as in the home, people are safeguarded against electrical shocks from electric switchboards by a series of circuit breakers or fuses. Inside each electric switchboard there is a set of busbars much like inside the electrical panel of your circuit breaker box at home. The busbars are big strips of conductive metal such as copper, and the relay switches are attached. As with any electrical panel, the power supply to the busbars must be turned off before any maintenance work can be done inside the electric switchboard.



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