Repeated Tripping of Pushmatic Circuit Breakers

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Why do my Seimens circuit breakers keep tripping?

Repeated Tripping of Pushmatic Circuit Breakers

Siemens breakers and Pushmatic breakers may trip repeatedly for a variety of reasons. Do you notice your Siemens circuit breaker tripping even while you are away and there is limited use of electricity? There could be a number of causes. It's easy to immediately suspect a faulty breaker, but if replacing the Siemens breaker doesn't correct the problem, inspect a few other parts of your electrical system.

One overlooked culprit is your lights. Are you running all bulbs at the proper wattage? If you have a light fixture rated for a certain wattage but the bulb exceeds the specifications, you may encounter electrical problems including circuit breaker tripping. Sometimes the bulb itself may flame out, which is a fire hazard all by itself, but if it does manage to survive being used in the wrong lamp, you may encounter repeated issues with your circuit breakers tripping.



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