Do I Need High Voltage Circuit Breakers?

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Do I need a high voltage circuit breaker?

Do I Need High Voltage Circuit Breakers?

Some appliances and devices sold for in-home use draw a lot of current. A tanning bed or hot tub may require modifications to your existing home electrical system in order to work properly. If you notice your FPE circuit breakers tripping regularly when using a hot tub or other system, you may need to upgrade.

Some people use the term "high voltage circuit breaker" when trying to explain to an electrician what they want, but you don't need to look for an FPE circuit breaker with a high voltage rating. High voltage circuit breakers are not designed for in-home use. They are made to handle loads of 72,000 volts or more and require special monitoring. A true high voltage circuit breaker is too heavy to be moved without equipment. If you have installed a hot tub, you may require a hard-wired, ground-fault circuit interrupter-protected 220-240 volt/50 amp circuit. Other items such as tanning beds have their own specific requirements.



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