What is a "Vintage" FPE Circuit Breaker?

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What is a vintage circuit breaker?

What is a "Vintage" FPE Circuit Breaker?

When you search for Federal Pacific breakers, you may run across descriptions of "vintage" models. A vintage FPE circuit breaker is basically the same thing as an obsolete model--these are circuit breakers which were manufactured in the past, but are no longer made. If you need vintage FPE circuit breakers, don't despair--there is a large market for obsolote and used models. Just because your specific breaker isn't made anymore doesn't necessarily mean those models are in short supply. Many companies, including Relectric.com, are in the habit of buying vintage circuit breakers in bulk to cater to their customers who still need those obsolete Federal Pacific breakers.

If you have a supply of used or unused obsolete circuit breakers, ask your customer service rep if there is a store credit or cash offer for your makes and models. You may be able to turn a supply of used or unwanted circuit breakers into money in the bank or a set of replacement circuit breakers you can actually use.



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