Can I Add More Circuit Breakers To My Breaker Panel?

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Can I add more circtuit breakers to my breaker panel?

Can I Add More Circuit Breakers To My Breaker Panel?

Many do-it-yourselfers add what are called subsidiary panels to places in the home which may need additional outlets or their own circuit breaker support. If you add a new room to a home or build a garage, you may need to add a subsidiary panel in order to provide electricity to the new area. You can add ITE circuit breakers (or other brands) for these subsidiary panels if there is room in the breaker box.

Breaker boxes usually don't use every available slot, and the additional slots are protected by pre-cut strips of metal made to be broken out to make room for new ITE breakers. Make sure to turn off the power to the breaker box before doing any work; once the power is out you can remove the protective metal strips and install new ITE breakers for the sub panel. It's important to know what the residential building code is for the allowed number of circuit breakers in one panel before you consider such modifications to your home.



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