My Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker is Obsolete

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What should I do if my current circuit breakers are obsolete?

My Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker is Obsolete

If you need obsolete Cutler Hammer circuit breakers, you may be able to purchase replacements even though they are no longer manufactured. There is a big market for obsolete circuit breakers and your part number may be in stock for years. Much depends on the demand for specific Cutler Hammer breakers, so it is important to buy obsolete circuit breakers in bulk whenever possible. Ask your customer service rep how long your part number is anticipated to be available and purchase accordingly. You may need to consider switching to a modern equivalent or doing an overhaul of your electrical system--but only if your circuit breakers are in short supply.

If you do need to do a major rethink of your electrical system, get the advice of an electrician before deciding on a new purchase. Do you need additional capacity to handle your current needs? Is your old system barely adequate? What is the best solution for your needs? If you can't evaluate these issues yourself, it is worth the investment to get the advice of a pro.



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