Are Circuit Breakers Interchangeable?

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Are circuit breakers interchangeable?

Are Circuit Breakers Interchangeable?

If you need to replace your Westinghouse circuit breaker but it is out of stock or otherwise unavailable, you may be tempted to purchase one that is similar and use that breaker instead. Before trying to use a different make or model than your Westinghouse circuit breakers, check the breaker panel or owner's manual for the panel to find the list of compatible circuit breakers. Breakers are not automatically interchangeable even if they have similar power ratings, poles, amp and volt ratings. Never use a breaker not specifically designed to work in your electrical panel as there may be design differences which render that breaker incompatible with your setup. Westinghouse breakers may be interchangeable with a variety of other types, but your owner's manual will give you the final word on what replacements to use.



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