What Tools Do I Need to Add a Circuit Breaker?

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What tools do I need to replace a circuit breaker?

What Tools Do I Need to Add a Circuit Breaker?

Once you decide to learn how to add a circuit breaker, you'll need to buy a few tools to do the job if you don't have them already. If you need to add a circuit breaker to your breaker box, you will need at least one additional tool you don't have to use if you're just replacing the breaker. Once you have shut the mains off, you will need a pair of pliers to remove a punch-out panel from your circuit breaker box if there is one. The panels are flimsy and may be removable by hand, but you risk cutting your hands on the metal. A pair of needle-nose pliers is better. It's also good to have a volt meter to make sure power is truly off and there is no voltage in the electrical panel. Do not attempt the replacement or addition if power is present.

Pull out the old circuit breaker with your hands, no special tool is needed for this step. You will also need a screwdriver to attach the hot wire to the breaker. A wire stripper/crimper is also handy if you need to cut away some of the excess insulation to make the proper connection. Don't forget to properly tighten the screw down on the wire once it is in place; a loose connection can cause electrical problems later.



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