What is a Linear Transformer?

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What is a linear transformer?

What is a Linear Transformer?

Electrical transformers take many shapes and sizes. For electronic hobbyists, linear transformers, made to deliver quick pulses of electricity, are often part of kit radios and other projects. In televisions and other appliances there are power transformers. In electronic hobby kits, you may have a need to test a linear transformer even though you do not have a failed or defective model, as this kind of testing is part of the learning process. Testing a linear transformer is less complicated than power transformer testing; if AC voltage is present in the primary winding of the linear transformer, there should be power output on the secondary side. If not, you may have a short somewhere.

Power transformer testing is more advanced. If the description of linear transformer testing left you scratching your head, do not attempt to test a power transformer. If you suspect your television or other appliance has a short, a bad transformer or other problem, let a qualified electrician or repair expert take a look.



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