Large Transformers and Enclosures

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What issues should I be aware of for large transformers?

Large Transformers and Enclosures

You may not be an electrician, but if you are responsible for the planning of your business space and are about to take delivery of a transformer for indoor use, there are issues you should be aware of. Electrical transformers have a variety of operating requirements. Large industrial transformers, dry type transformers and other "oversize" models may need a particular amount of clearance in the area where they are intended to be installed.

How much room is available between the transformer and the wall? An area with a tight fit may not be right for a particular type of transformer. Some transformers are not made to be tamper-proof. If you have security concerns in a particular area you will need to consider adding access controls to the area housing sensitive equipment including electrical transformers or other types of gear. Electricians and other qualified personnel must install the equipment, but it's up to those responsible for planning the building to insure there is enough space and protected access once the job is done.



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