What Should I Do When Taking Delivery of a Large Transformer?

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What should I do when taking delivery of a large transformer?

What Should I Do When Taking Delivery of a Large Transformer?

There are many sizes and types of electrical transformers; from the thumbnail-sized models found in microphones to huge, dry type transformers which must be delivered on palettes and moved with a forklift or other device. If you need to take delivery of a large electrical transformer for your business, there are some things you should do even if you aren't the person responsible for installing the unit.

Having the right equipment is very important, and verifying that you receive what was ordered is often as simple as reading the serial number on the transformer nameplate and comparing it with your delivery receipt or bill of lading. Next, inspect the exterior of the transformer for any damage that might have occurred in transit. A qualified electrician may need to inspect the transformer if exterior damage is observed. It is important to know that transformers can be top heavy; once your shipment is verified to be correct and undamaged, take great care when repositioning or relocating the electrical transformer.



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