What is Retrofitting?

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What is retrofitting?

What is Retrofitting?

Saving money on electrical supplies sometimes means updating, modifying or even replacing old or obsolete power circuit breakers, breaker panels and other parts of your electrical system. Retrofitting is the process of rebuilding, adapting or modifying obsolete equipment to make it conform with your current power needs. Retrofitting is not a do-it-yourself project, it is best reserved for those with electrical experience and know-how.

Your system may require modifications which are complex, or it may be a simple matter of adding the right modern components to your old system. An experienced electrician has the skills to properly evaluate your electrical needs based on the existing setup and what modifications work best with that equipment. Retrofitting can save you money over the long haul by making your system more efficient and easier to fix if things go wrong. Whether the answer is replacing a few obsolete power circuit breakers or installing an up-to-date version of your old breaker panels, the experts will find the right solution for that system.



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