What is a Snap Switch?

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What is a snap switch?

What is a Snap Switch?

Snap switches are a kind of switch designed to be activated with a specific type of action, either snapping to the left or right or by a spring operated snapping mechanism. In order to activate the circuit (or deactivate it depending on how the snap switches are installed) a specific type of force and motion is required. Snap switches are often used in panels for door locks, motor control, timers and other functions. They are designed so that accidental activation of the circuit is much less likely due to the motion required to activate the unit.

With an ordinary push button or switch, accidental contact may cause the circuit to activate; with snap switches the accidental contact doesn't equal unintended results unless the force and direction of the contact are equivalent to intentional activation. There are three kinds of general-use snap switches; one type made specifically for AC, another combining AC and DC capabilities.



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