Replacement Breakers or Upgraded Panel?

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Do I really need an upgraded circuit breaker panel?

Replacement Breakers or Upgraded Panel?

If you are considering the installation of a swimming pool, hot tub, tanning bed or other item which requires more electricity than a standard appliance, you may need to consider upgrading your circuit panel. Some electrical issues can be addressed by adding a better Siemens circuit breaker, installing a sub panel and switching the load to new breakers, but there are some needs which simply require a better panel.

If you live in a house that more than 20 years old, you may already be running electrical loads on a circuit breaker panel which is inadequate for modern needs. Adding a freezer unit, hot tub or tanning bed may be too much for the old panel. Your Siemens circuit breakers may already be tripping too much if you're using an old system. Worse yet, your circuit breakers may not be tripping when they are supposed to. Resist the temptation to overtax your electrical system. Ask a qualified electrician about upgrading to a better circuit breaker panel in conjunction with the installation of your new pool, hot tub or other items.



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