What is a Pushbutton Circuit Breaker?

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What is a Pushmatic Circuit Breaker?

What is a Pushbutton Circuit Breaker?

A Siemens Pushmatic breaker is identical to other circuit breakers in function--it cuts the power if there is an overload or fault. The breaker differs from other Siemens circuit breakers because instead of a switch, the circuit is turned on and off by a button. When the circuit is tripped, the button pops out, indicating it has been turned off. It's easy to reset Pushmatic breakers, simply push the button in and the circuit is turned back on.

A circuit breaker may trip repeatedly if there is a problem such as a wiring fault or short circuit. If you have never used a Pushmatic breaker before, you may think the assembly is faulty if the circuit trips shortly after resetting it. Don't assume it's the fault of the Siemens breaker itself, treat this problem the same as you would with the traditional switch-type circuit breaker and troubleshoot the source of the electrical fault. If you can't locate the problem, get the advice of a professional.



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