Where Can I Get Electrical Code Training?

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Where can I get electrical code training?

Where Can I Get Electrical Code Training?

Electrical code training is a growing industry. Many licensed professionals pass on what they have learned to those taking electrical code tests for the first time or to experienced professionals who must pass refresher tests. These programs are often found on the Internet, offered by private individuals and companies alike. Electrical code training is also available through colleges and technical schools such as DeVry University. These courses are designed to help people studying to become licensed electricians, and the required experience level may vary from course to course.

An introductory program may include code training as part of the curriculum, but students may not be eligible to sit for the licensing exam until they have a specific amount of experience. It all depends on the city and state where you live and the laws governing licenses for electricians there. If you have no experience but want to learn how to become an electrician, the local college is an excellent place to begin. More experienced students should explore options offered through local trade associations and NEC study programs.



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