Manual Motor Starters and OSHA Compliance

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Can I use a manual motor starter as a disconnect switch for maintenance purposes?

Manual Motor Starters and OSHA Compliance

Manual motor starters can be installed in group motor applications to protect them from overloads, short circuits and other problems. Manual motor starters are used for a variety of devices including machine tools, pumps, and compressors. If you are considering installing a manual motor starter, it is important to know that there are safety regulations that affect your operation. Did you know using manual motor starters as a disconnect switch for electrical maintenance is not allowed under guidelines published by OSHA?

When doing electrical maintenance on a device using a manual motor starter as a disconnect switch,
there is a possibility of controller failure. Manual motor controllers and motor starter circuits are required to have an approved disconnect system that controls all conductors on the power supply . According to OSHA, simply switching the motor starter switch to OFF is not an acceptable method
for shutting down a system--it does not guarantee that a machine is
turned off and without current prior to repair work.



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