Why Does My Motor Starter Click But Not Start?

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Why does my motor starter click but not turn on?

Why Does My Motor Starter Click But Not Start?

If you have been using a particular motor starter for some time and you suddenly get no results when trying to turn it on, there are several reasons why it may not be working properly. An AC motor starter or its DC equivalent relies on several parts in order to work properly. The motor starter assembly includes a start button or switch, battery, solenoid, and the motor itself.

If you engage the start switch and the starter motor clicks but does not fire up the motor, turn the switch off and inspect the battery terminals. Do you see rust, corrosion or excessive wear? The contacts between the battery and the terminal may be too dirty or corroded to conduct electricity properly. If you have a low or weak battery, you will get the same results even if the terminals are clean. If the battery is in working order, you may have a defective solenoid which needs replacing. Check all these parts of your motor starter system to locate the cause of your problem.



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