Why is My Motor Starter Noisy?

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Why is my motor starter noisy?

Why is My Motor Starter Noisy?

If you notice strange noises when you activate your motor starter, it may not be the result of poor electrical maintenance or a defective motor starter. Ordinary wear and tear on a stater motor can, over time, cause the drive gear to erode. The same is true for any component with moving parts, so it is important to check the age of your motor starter if you begin noticing symptoms such as odd noises or vibrations upon start up. If your starter motor isn't old enough to experience such routine wear, inspect the mounting system of your starter motor. Chances are the mounts need to be re-tightened. The vibrations or noises you hear could simply be the result of the motor rattling around on the mounts. Tighten the mounts and try again. If you have no more trouble with vibration or noise, the problem is solved. If you still experience the issue, consult with a pro to get some advice on repair or replacement.



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