What Information Do I Need to Buy A Replacement Motor Starter?

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What information do I need to purchase a replacement motor starter?

What Information Do I Need to Buy A Replacement Motor Starter?

If you need to have electrical maintenance done that requires a replacement motor starter, there are a few technical details you'll need to know to order the proper replacement. Even if you plan on buying an identical make and model, be sure you have this information ready when placing your order. You should know the horsepower of the motor, the motor's primary voltage and whether it has a fused or non-fused power circuit. When ordering an identical replacement part you may not need to answer all these questions, but it is good to have the information handy, especially if you talk to a sales representative who needs to look up the specs for your particular motor starter. You can find most of this information in the owner's documentation or printed on the side of the motor starter.



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