How Do I Remove an Old Circuit Breaker?

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How do I remove an old circuit breaker?

How Do I Remove an Old Circuit Breaker?

To remove and replace General Electric circuit breakers, the first step you need to take is to turn off all power to the breaker box, then test the breaker with a volt meter to make sure there is no current flowing to the box. If you don't know how to use a volt meter, you should not proceed with removal of a GE breaker or any other type. Once you have verified the power is completely off, remove the GE circuit breaker.

This is done by rocking or tilting the breaker toward the outside of the breaker box panel, then pulling it straight out. Pulling the breaker out requires a firm grip and a steady pull. The GE circuit breaker is attached by a wire, which must be unscrewed and removed. Be careful not to touch the screwdriver or the wire to any other part of the breaker box assembly. Once the GE breaker is free from the connecting wire it can be set aside so the replacement circuit breaker can be installed.



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