Why Does My GE Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

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Why does my circuit breaker keep tripping?

Why Does My GE Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

A GE circuit breaker is designed to trip under specific circumstances. If the circuit carries more electricity than it is supposed to carry, the circuit breaker activates and interrupts the flow of electricity by physically preventing the current from reaching the wall socket. There are many reasons why your circuit breakers trip, including faulty residential electric wiring. There are miles of wires in the home, connecting your outlets to the breaker box, so how can you find out if faulty wiring is the problem? How can you tell if it's not a faulty appliance causing the problem, or too many appliances running at once?

The answer to the general question is simple enough. Turn off and unplug all the appliances in the area the tripped GE circuit breaker has affected. Go to the breaker box, find the GE circuit breaker (or other model) and try to reset it by turning it back on. If the power stays on in that area of the home, you have a problem with the items plugged into the wall sockets rather than the wiring. If the circuit trips again right away, chances are good your wiring is to blame.



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