Will a GE GFCI Circuit Breaker Protect Against Any Electrocution Hazard?

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Will a GFCI circuit breaker protect against any electrocution hazard?

Will a GE GFCI Circuit Breaker Protect Against Any Electrocution Hazard?

A GE breaker designed with ground fault circuit interrupter technology protects against electric shocks caused when electricity leaks to the ground or the body of an appliance. It is a very useful safety tool to protect your home, but it cannot protect against all types of electrical hazards. It only protects against the hazards it is specifically made for. It's also important to make sure the GCFI is properly installed.

You won't get the protection you need from a GE GFCI circuit breaker unless you attach the neutral wire to the neutral terminal and the live wire to the live terminal. Always read the installation manual for complete instructions. Once you have the General Electric circuit breaker properly installed, you should test the installation by plugging in a radio to an outlet regulated by the newly installed GFCI circuit breaker. Turn on the radio and make sure it is playing. Press the "test" button on the GE circuit breaker--the breaker should trip and the radio will stop playing. Reset the GE breaker to the full "off" position and then back on.



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