How Many Circuit Breakers Can I Add To My Breaker Box?

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How many circuit breakers can I add to my breaker box?

How Many Circuit Breakers Can I Add To My Breaker Box?

Are you considering putting in additional ITE circuit breakers? There are two things you need to know before installing additional ITE breakers, mini circuit breakers or other types. The first is how much physical space is left in your breaker box to accommodate the new ITE breakers. As you look down the breaker box, you may notice there are some metal "punch-out panels" which can be removed to create additional space for your new ITE circuit breakers. If there are no more of these spaces left, you have a full circuit breaker panel and more breakers cannot be installed. Instead, you will need to put in a sub panel to accommodate the additional circuit breakers.

The second thing you need to do before adding circuit breakers is to check your electrical panel to see how many ITE breakers or other brands it is rated to handle. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of your breaker box even if you have room to install more circuit breakers.



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