Types of Overloads

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Are there different types of overloads that will trip my circuit breaker?

Types of Overloads

Your ITE circuit breakers will trip when they experience an overload. Depending on their construction, ITE breakers may trip due to excessive heat or because a magnetic field was generated in response to the increased load. The end result is the same--the power suddenly turns off in part of your home--but overloads are not identical. They may come as a sudden large surge such as in the aftermath of a lightning strike, or they may build slowly over time. A small overload won't trip your ITE breakers right away, but the overload does exist and will create a problem over time.

This is one reason why it's so important to track down the source of an overload if it is connected to a faulty appliance. Using too many appliances on the same circuit is a problem, but an equally serious issue is an appliance with faulty wiring. Over time, that wiring may weaken and create a fire hazard. Repeated trips of your ITE breakers should be investigated carefully and the causes addressed; don't continue to use a faulty device until you can get it repaired and working properly.



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