Installing Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers

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Could I still have problems after installing new circuit breakers?

Installing Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers

When installing a Cutler Hammer circuit breaker (or any other brand) it's important to know your equipment, follow the instructions, and turn off all power before starting your work. If you have never installed a circuit breaker before, but feel confident you can do the job, there should be little standing in your way from a DIY installation. One important aspect of circuit breaker installation is insuring a good connection. If you must tighten screws on wires connected to the breakers, you can experience circuit overload problems if the screws are too loose. Heat generated by high resistance may result in a tripped circuit breaker. If you've never installed circuit breakers before and need to screw in the connections, make sure the screws are as tight as possible or as tight as the installation manual recommends.



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