Installing Bus Plugs and Surge Protectors

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Can I install a whole house surge protector myself?

Installing Bus Plugs and Surge Protectors

When installing bus plugs, surge protectors and other equipment, safety is the top priority. That is one reason why all owner's manuals for bus plugs and other items recommend installation only by a trained professional. If you don't know the difference between a resistor and a capacitor, chances are you need some training before attempting to install a "whole house" electrical system add-on or modification.

Trained do-it-yourselfers know the dangers of working around live electricity. It's not enough to wear safety equipment and make sure the power is completely off before attempting an installation of a whole house surge protector or a new electrical panel. Users need to know how to identify potentially dangerous situations and avoid them. If you have excess wire from the surge protector to the main circuit box, did you know you should never coil or loop that wire? Re-install using a shorter connection. Do you know what the surge capacity maximum is for your surge protector? What happens if that capacity is exceeded? Aspiring do-it-yourselfers still in the dark about these issues should seek professional advice before considering a modification of the electrical system. It may be worth the money to hire a pro to do the work.



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