Surge Protectors and Bus Plugs

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What is a whole house surge protector?

Surge Protectors and Bus Plugs

Computer users and home theater enthusiasts are familiar with surge protectors, but did you know this technology also has a place in your home or company's electrical system? Bus plugs are designed to protect against electrical surges by burning out fuses or tripping circuit breakers, but sometimes additional precautions are necessary. There are surge protectors made especially for industrial purposes, designed to be installed at critical points such as "entrance feeders", key branch panels, and communication lines.For residential use, "whole house" surge protectors (also known as whole house surge suppression) are made to protect any device plugged in to the house's electrical system. This is much different than the power-strip version surge protection sold in hardware and computer stores. The whole house surge protector is installed next to the breaker box or circuit breaker panel and the house power supply flows through the surge protector. Such protection is ideal for those who have more than one computer, or use expensive electronics in the home.



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